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Pomáháme našemu partnerovi zefektivňovat výrobní proces ve staré výrobní hale.

K tomuto zefektivnění také pomoháme zaměstnancům pochopit smysl IoT a naučit je jak tato nová technologie funguje.

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  • Shield XXX
  • Shield XXX
  • Shield XXX
  • Shield XXX

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Pokud ve výrobní hale nastane jedna z následujících situací ( rozbití žárovky, nadstandartní zvýšení teploty, zvýšení CO2,...), pak se hlavní vedoucí a příslušní pracovníci o této situaci dozví a mohou ihned problém napravit.

Celý systém byl vytvořen za pomoci personálu továrny, který díky tomu může bez starostí o své pracovní standardy a strachu z úniku látek dále pracovat.

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is a web-based IDE development tool for hardware-level programming.

Write only the code that makes you money.
The rest is our job.

See your code getting alive with every new line. This rapidly simplifies the development process as you get visualisation of code.
CODE is a first part of our cloud-based IoT development tools.
It’s focused on speed, simplicity and quality of your workflow.
Hardware programming is done in minutes with hundreds of amazing features.

Over-the-air updates with release manager tool, where one or millions of devices are done in seconds, which means you can focus on the additional value of your product much sooner.

Hardware code,
shorter than the lunch menu

Hardware programming with enterprise-quality full-stack Embedded OS
can be done on less than 16 lines of code.

The rest happens in the background in our amazing cloud services.
Compatibility, security, debugging, poor performance, connectivity issues, EEPROM overflow, updates - those are memories of the days gone by.

It's simple

Set pins
Set input
Get output
Use libraries
Send data
Manage power
Set the hierarchy

... yet powerful


For the PROs

Of course, you can use your preferred code editor.

We have add-ons for Visual Studio, Atom, Notepad++, Sublime text and many other popular editors. We also provide Byzance API, so if you are interested, you can create a custom connector.


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