is beating heart of Byzance, place where all parts connect together and allows you to control everything
We created revolutionary Cloud infrastructure, that handles millions of Embedded Hardware with ease. This allows you to build smart IoT products and connect them with 3rd parties and user apps. Running updates and rules from hardware are fast and reliable thanks to the huge cache memory, that handle problems parallelly or in sequences.


The main advantage is in connectivity between HW & SW and who else can make it better than a company making every part in-house. Cloud supports communication through MQTT, WebSocket, API, to maximally reduce HW demand for internet connection.

Simple Deployment

Click and done.
Yes, with us is that easy. The only thing you need to do is choose a server.
Also adding HW to Cloud is this simple. The server automatically sets, secure and update everything
from 1 to millions pieces of HW.

Data Stream

Our devices and servers are perfectly prepared to handle a huge amount of transferred data, this can be done only with all endpoint optimisation and in-house development of all parts.

Server Cluster

When global server infrastructure is needed, we prepared cluster.
Achieving maximum reliability was the main goal, that's why Cluster was made.

Locally resistant to downtime.

Total HW Overview

Release manager is showing every HW in detail and all of its histories even with logs,
the same can be shown for groups.

Get everything under control.

On Premise or SaaS

Whether you decide to run Cloud on our servers provided by Azure, AWS or if you decide to use own servers, our technical support is always same. On-premise servers can run inside your defense gateway, even without internet connectivity, controlling local machines.

Update single or group

Release Manager is the tool for HW updates, that in a set time for a set group run an update.
Watch, edit and run&stop any action. Observe transcription success and maintain any possible problems if it's not as planned.

Server Updates

We are constantly adding new functionality, enhancing security, improving stability and whole performance. Everything is fully automatic in your web browser and all you need to do when our new version comes out is plan a time when the update can run.

Cloud Backup

We are always paranoid about backup, so when problems happen, every Hardware has backup server address saved inside memory. So overcoming main server failure, security breach, DNS malfunction or other nightmares are pre-solved for you.

Multi OS

Servers running mainly on Linux and they are prepared as lossless - no database, no ties neither data storage. Every functionality is set in Cloud Tools in our portal.
For servers we also support Windows or MacOS, mainly for local or small teams.

Our servers are fast and reliable.

Blocko Logic Operation

Graphic PLC based programming tool for global working with data from hardware and third-party systems. Blocko is group of blocks written in JS (TypeScript), to easily create logic above Hardware and third-party systems. If this, than that, and if this, make a panic. Send data to SAP, Postgres, and receive data from your application for smooth and clear distribution to all hardware.
Server options

One option does not fit all

Choose a server that fit your need.
Shared Performance
If your project is tolerant to longer latency or you are open to sharing server performance. We offer to create a small container, with your data.
This option is best due to price.
Customers who care about the availability and performance of their applications want to deploy these applications across multiple Availability Zones in the same region for fault tolerance and low latency you can do so using both private, high-speed networking and public internet connections to provide an additional layer of business continuity, or to provide low latency access across the globe.
On premise
We also cover local server option, behind your firewall. Build own server for your needs and get a Byzance Server Licence with help of server setup. Be careful because updates are needed to be run manually. Data can still proceed to cloud or other networks.
Cloud Combination
Own server, but want to scale fast? Choose what suits you. Our servers run in DNS so we can serve anywhere in the world. For more server power need is there also Cluster.


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