About us

We are Byzance – a technological laboratory of advanced automatization developing a toolkit for design, development and managing the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) for industrial uses. We do not create smart washing machines, nor smart city furniture. We develop everything for our customers to let them do it themselves, easily and without any problems.

Comprehensive product portfolio

Focused on small and medium business

Open, supportive and building environment for our community

Service available to all

To build whole IoT workflow in industrial standards would be achievable, even by a beginner programmer due to our portfolio of cloud tools, including own IDE and “prefabricated” parts (libraries, communication standards). This is possible due to our easy Drag & Drop interface, clickable GUI or your team writing your own rest API requirements in Java-script and programs for ARM processors. It is up to you how complex the result should be.

The only limitation of IoT is your imagination.

… and also resources, time, skills, human resources and lot of other “details”.

It does not matter if you want to create and control a mobile application, or open data library and portfolio of your own hardware, to code a virtual button or switching of magnetic relay in embedded hardware, your development will be simpler and faster with our tools. Because of this you can have fewer employees and costs requirements. Byzance and its tools will enable you to have all the tools available and obtainable. It does not matter if you would like to create one small atypical project or prepare big series of thousands of models.

Everything starts with a great idea.

Our product is for everybody who consider IoT as an opportunity as well as a financial or technical barrier of its own future development. To find, build and pay your own team of developers for IoT is inconceivable for small Czech (e.g. boiler) manufacturing company with 40 employees that would like to realize its vision about their own IoT product. With our product you can create your own certificated hardware, which would be capable of controlling products today as well as to be managed by customer through a mobile application.

To deal with a development for different platforms (Android, iOS, HTML), maintenance of central servers or with pairing between customer’s smart device and product itself will be easier with our service.


Choose the perfect hardware for you.

Byzance hardware was developed a standardized system of components, whose manufacturing process is based on industry 4.0. Boards are designed for their easy connection as a building kit. There will have never been a hardware whose parameters will fit for everything. Sometimes you need round connectors sometimes angular ones. Once are necessary three big connectors, another time being ten smaller better. That is why we developed tool called “connector shield” which allows you to specify which types of connectors you really need in your demanded hardware. Due to this, it is a passive part of a hardware so it is not necessary to do any other extra certifications and you are going to pay exactly what you really need and no extra hardware which would be unused.

The basic unit of an IoT is a light module including WiFi, Ethernet (or both), which is able to manage smart bus stop, smart boiler, smart coffeemaker etc. without any problems. Using various modules it is possible to extend the hardware by GPS or GSM dongle, by dongle for classical “wire” communication or by another variant for communication in 433 MHz.

With this hardware you are able to build a wireless thermostat, controlling humidity sensor in a sauna connected by wire or your own home automatization. Every module is possible to extend by already mentioned “shield”, who allows them to get extra functionality.


Program your hardware so simply everyone could do it.

Although the programming is fun it is not for everybody. Especially managers responsible for finance would be pleased, if is written only the code which is really necessary and used. That is why we prepared programmable IDE in a web browser for simple programs intended for controlling of separate products, we have also developed a plugin called Eclipse which focuses on more ambitious IoT projects. No more development of connection to the central server, its security and packet processing or searching for input methods with our solution. These problems will be solved by our tools instead of you.

Then the code will be compiled and will be created its graphical interpretation into small blocks for IoT integration. For code uploading into the hardware the PC will not be necessary anymore. Everything will be compiled in cloud and hardware will be reloaded through the internet. The function will be written out of the box and the amount of outputs is not limited.

//@NAME(“Set Light on/off”)
//@COMMENT(“used this if you want turn light ON or OFF”)
void INPUT_Light1(boolean value){
 	pin1.set( value ); 	

//@NAME(“Turn on or turn off the water heater”)
void INPUT_HeatingCoil(boolean value){
   	        pin2.set( value ); 	

Thread thread1(threadLed1);

//@COMMENT(“Update temperature every two sec”)
public void OUTPUT_boiler_temperature (void const *args) {  
  	     while( true ) {  
    	           send (pin12, pin9, pin4);      
}<span id="mce_marker" data-mce-type="bookmark"></span>


Connect the world of IoT.

After ten minutes of hardware preparation is necessary to connect each module. The output block of product (boiler) would be connected with input block of another wireless module (thermostat) and conversely. It is done! After fifteen minutes of work you have fully functional hardware and with reciprocal interaction.

We have good news for hard-core programmers who have been little bit scared about their career from our previous paragraphs. We offer an opportunity to scrutinize every row of the code which stands behind these functions. It is possible to add another logic linkage between blocks, to develop new ones or use already existing blocks from other users.


The real interface for users.

For IoT it is crucial to have comfortable control functions in a user’s smart device. That’s why we developed a simple tool which enables you to create individual applications for each of your customers, or standardized platforms for mass production. It does not matter if it will be one screen for a smart device in an online store, or three screens in industrial control room. Owing to simple Drag & Drop widgets (buttons, sliders, digital displats etc.) these functions can be mastered by anyone. The more experienced could code their own widgets and tune the graphics. Due to automatic compiling of the blocks to the widgets (input/output) is possible to pair application with hardware functions.


Conquering the world was never so close.

From one prototype up to serial manufacturing of thousands products. Universal building kits for quick and individual products are intended for end-users. Support of DIYs and developers from industrial controlling. We do not have original ideas to realize smart-city, smart-home or smart-greenhouse. We offer you the tools and hardware to allow you to realize your ideas and visions, and to move our world little bit further!

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The gate opening through a photocell or by an application in your mobile phone. Feeding of your fishes or control of watering systems in your winter garden. The most important things are cost and simple manipulation. Are you small family company or start-up? Do you manufacture up to thousands of your products? Do not you have enough free financial and time resources to develop your own IoT solution? Is it too risky for you to look for completely new team of developers? Despite of you need very specific hardware, you do not want to lose control over the development. Are you manufacturing a huge series of products and you need to have necessary tools for pairing of hardware and covers? Are you balancing between having complete control of every detail and keeping your flexibility? Would you like to avoid to the situation to bind most of your capital into the development?  You need to solve workflow of pairing product with you customers or technical support procedures.
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  • Plug & Play
  • Drag & Drop
  • Minimal cost
  • Development with basic knowledge of programming and electrotechnics
  • Fast and robust hardware ecosystem
  • Easy implementation and quick market delivery
  • Possibility of making small individual series
  • Individual development platform
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Guaranteed long-term compatibility
  • Five-year manufacturing program

Develop IoT in your company.

By yourself.


With us.