with own Hardware

Byzance is simple, fast and secure way for companies to build IoT.
We offer full stack development platform, cloud and hardware with our custom Mbed OS.

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Byzance partners:

Ing. Vladislav Němec
Managing Director DEIMOS
I see Byzance as another unicorn in industrial automation. They help us measure vibration on our most advanced production lines.

Industrial Company
Ing. Pavel Konečný
CEO Neuron soundware
People with good IoT skills are a rarity. You need to combine experience from both HW and SW. With Byzance, everything is much easier.

HighTech StartUp
Ing. Pavel Slabý
CEO JCDecaux (CZ)
The IoT is a complex and expensive challenge. Thanks to BYZANCE, their smart hardware and tools, we can easily digitize the entire Prague.

Worldwide Corporation

Don't  buy a new machine,
when the old one is working.
Just make it Smarter with us.

Smart City must work perfectly together
to enhance peoples life.

We know how to make your appliances Smart.
Just focus on your product.


BYZANCE IT Solutions s.r.o.
Růžová 17, 120 00 Prague 1
Czech Republic


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